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• Control of pressure and temperature via PLC and multiple recipe programming with multi-stage capability

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The machine is slower than a chocolate refiner but is mefkûre for small batches of chocolate. On the other hand, a chocolate refiner is a more advanced machine that güç refine and conch larger batches of chocolate. The machine is faster than a cocoa melanger and emanet refine the chocolate to a finer particle size.

5.It is easy to operate this machine.It is equipped with full set of imported fully automatic PLC. It only takes a few days training even for new staff to get all the operation knowledge. Only 1-2 staff/shift for each equipment is needed.

Everything about your new PTL melter is crafted to make your life easier – from its portability to the ergonomic loading.

McCarter tanks, mixers, melters and other chocolate making equipment continue to earn a high quality reputation within the industry due to Schmidt’s production skill and quality control.

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Water inside a twin-shell coat ensures heating and keeping temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate melting tank is used to melt solid chocolate and store the liquid chocolate in constant temperature and homogenous structure.

  The stones crush the Chocolate Melting Tank cocoa nibs, gradually transforming them into a liquid state known kakım chocolate liquor. Kakım the nibs are crushed, this helps release cocoa butter from the cells, contributing to the smoothness and richness of the final chocolate.

Removal of undesired volatile off-flavours contained mainly in cocoa particles and developed during cocoa fermentation

Our Vario drive V system in the Finer S proves fully automatic fineness adjustment, taking into account variations in plasticity without the need to interrupt production or manually intervene.

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The goal of the melanger is to achieve a homogeneous mixture and a desirable texture in the chocolate.

A chocolate refiner, also known kakım a conche or conching machine, is an advanced chocolate refining machine used by chocolate manufacturers to create high-quality chocolate products. The machine is used to refine and grind cocoa nibs, sugar, and other ingredients into a smooth and silky chocolate mass.

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